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5 Must-Have Architectural Details

Architectural details are often subtle, however they lay the foundation and framework so a home looks beautiful and feels right. In order for the design to be successful we have to look at more than just the big picture; we have to pay attention to the details.

Adding unique exterior and interior details elevates the look of your home and gives it that

custom feel.

Here are our TOP 5 MUST-HAVE ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS when building a new home:

1. Thoughtful Window Placement: Aside from strategic window placement that helps bring in natural light and increase the energy efficiency of your home, windows are the face of your exterior. Choosing the right size, shape and style is crucial. Windows add character to your home and will enhance the architectural style when chosen correctly.

2. Exterior Materials: There are many options when it comes to exterior materials for your home. Choosing something that not only looks great, but also fits in with the neighborhood and with the style of your home is important. Architectural roof shingles, wood clapboard, cedar shingles and natural stone are some beautiful options when designing the exterior of your home.

3. Exterior Molding & Trim: Exterior molding and trim, soffit details, fascia details, and handrail design adds elegance to your home as well as compliments the architectural look and style. Accentuating your homes exterior is important when building a new home!

4. Interior Molding & Trim: Decorative features like crown molding, baseboards, coffered ceilings, and window and door trim give a finished and polished appearance on the interior of your home. Picking the right size/scale and style that’s appropriate for each room will unify the home and really give it that custom look.

5. Built in shelves and Cabinets: Aside from added storage it can make a room feel more substantial and sophisticated. They add an interior architectural element while still being functional.

The overall flow of the house has to work for the design to be successful. Incorporating our clients needs as well as beautiful custom details makes an architect designed home truly special.


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