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The Importance of Bathroom Design

Bathrooms, whether big or small, should always be carefully located and should function with multiple users in mind. Bathrooms should look beautiful, use space efficiently and function easily in the home. Here are our bathroom design tips.

Incorporate Windows

If you’re building or relocating a bathroom, try to place it on an outside wall to incorporate a window. A dark, closed off bathroom isn’t ideal and should be avoided if possible. If windows are not an option, incorporating a skylight that can allow natural light and fresh air in, so the space feels more open and comfortable.

Formal Separation

Avoid locating bathrooms directly off one of the home’s public rooms - the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. Create a formal separation between the bathroom and those main living spaces. Location matters!

Functional Design

Whether you’re creating a primary bathroom or in need of an extra bathroom somewhere in your home, the most important aspect is function. Bigger isn’t necessarily. Great design translates to a house that functions well for you and your family and is more efficient and easier to maintain (looking beautiful is a bonus too!).

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, bathrooms should be carefully placed within the home, so it looks beautiful and functions efficiently.


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