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Building a Home or Addition Takes a Team

Designing a new home or addition can seem like a large undertaking, but hiring an architect is key to a smooth and exciting process. An architect not only designs your home and addition but also coordinates a team to ensure your home is built safely, efficiently, and according to the design.

Site & Structure

The architect coordinates with the surveyor, civil and structural engineers on all aspects of your home. We work together to place your home or addition on your property in the best location. We also coordinate and ensure the structure does not interfere with the overall design.

Hiring a Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your home is extremely important. The architect is your advocate and can help with finding the right fit for your project. The contractor will work closely with you and the architect to confirm your home is being built in accordance with the construction documents.

Working Together

As the architect, we become the point of contact for you, the surveyor, engineers and the contractor. By openly communicating with everyone and creating a “team”, we maintain a smooth process from schematic design all the way through to the end of construction.

From the initial consultation to the design of your home, all the way to the end of construction, we are with you every step of the way.


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