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Our Services

Initial Design


At the first meeting, we discuss all your hopes and dreams for your project. During that time, we will review your property and the regulations

that will affect it.

Schematic Design


At this meeting, you will see your project come to life. We will walk you through a 3D model. You can actually see what your project will look like!

Design Development


Any changes from the schematic design meeting will be made during this time.

We will also further develop your design.

Custom White Kitchen
Shingle Style Architecture
Coastal Porthole Window

See Your Home in 3D!

Construction Documents


During this phase your design is finalized and is ready to be turned into drawings from which

the builder can build. These drawings will be used to obtaina building permit.

Negotiation & Bidding


We can help you find contractors to
build your project and navigate you

through the process.



We can periodically visit the site to make sure the project is being built according to the construction documents. We help to resolve any questions that may arise. We can also help you with all the choices you will be making.

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