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The best time for an interior renovation? Winter!

Rather than waiting for the warmer months to start your home renovation project, here are our tips on how and why to start a project when the snow is coming down and so is the paint on your walls.

  • Quick fixes or replacement vs. total renovation: On a tight budget? Updating old fixtures and appliances can really give your home a much need facelift without draining your wallet. Re-tiling or replacing flooring, a fresh coat of paint or even taking down interior walls (with the help of a professional, of course!) can be fairly easy and cost effective options for your home during the winter months as well.

  • Kitchen Remodel: A kitchen remodel can add big value to your home. It’s one of the most frequently used areas and can endure a lot of wear and tear. Maximizing comfort, beauty and functionality in your kitchen is money well spent both in the long and short term.

  • Basement Remodel: The perfect interior renovation during the winter months. Minimal disruption for the rest of the home, and when finished it can be a fantastic multi-purpose room for the entire family.

  • Contractor Availability: Contractors prefer to work inside during the winter months. You may find that your contractor has an open schedule and is able to complete your project quickly. This can minimize the disturbance in your home and also save you money. Perfect!

Don’t be afraid to start those interior renovations this winter. We can help you decide which project makes the most sense for your home and your wallet!


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