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6 Things We Want You to Know About Lisa Carlisle Architect

1. We want you to be part of the design process: Aside from being upfront with your budget and expectations, we want your feedback when it comes to the design. Collaborating with our clients is what makes the process run smoothly and keeps it exciting!

2. We work in 3D! Yes, you read that right – 3D! You get to virtually walk through your home before it is built. Stand in your kitchen, place furniture in your living room, look out the window to see your view. Seeing your home in 3D can eliminate the uneasiness of building a new home; and it can also save on construction costs because problems are solved ahead of time.

3. We oversee your project from beginning to end: From the first meeting until your home is built, we are with you every step of the way. We not only design your home, but we help coordinate contractors, engineers and other professionals to ensure what we designed together is being built correctly, safely and in accordance to the design.

4. We design for large and small projects: Additions, interior/exterior renovations or a brand new home, we are happy to help make your project dreams come true! No project is too large or too small for our firm.

5. We charge hourly: Architects charge in a variety of ways, but we prefer to charge at an hourly rate. Why? We believe it is most fair for both parties and allows flexibility for design refinements, or other services that are needed. We keep your best interests in mind so you are only charged for the work that is performed

6. We build a team: As the architect, we are the facilitator of your project, which is why we create a team that includes you, the builder and the engineer. Working together is an important part of making your new home dreams come true!

Have more questions about what we do? Please contact us! (401) 560-0850


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