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Residential Architecture Today - What We're Seeing!

Home Solar Panels

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Design More and more of our clients request eco-friendly building products, solar, tank less water heaters and/or geothermal systems. We pride ourselves in sustainable design and continue to educate ourselves on the current “green” options for our clients.

Residential Elevator

Aging in Place Why build your dream home and then have to move because it no longer fits your lifestyle? We design homes with the future in mind. Whether that be a one level home or a multi-level home with elevator accessibility to each floor. We work with our clients to be sure their home is enjoyed for many years to come.

Smart Home Controls

A Smart Home!

Technology in the home is making a huge impact on design in the recent years. Smart appliances are being placed in kitchens and bathrooms, smart TV’s and media centers in living rooms as well as automated controls for temperature, security, window treatments and more!

Home Patio and Deck

Larger Outdoor Living Spaces Decks, patios, pergolas, oh my! Having an outdoor area to entertain, relax or have dinner with the family is becoming more and more popular in the recent years. Building a deck, patio or porch and outdoor room can add square footage to your home without a high-added cost. Perfect!

White and Black Kitchen

Open Spaces We are continuing to see more open concept plans where the kitchen is the focal point and eating and living spaces are intertwined. These expanded, open spaces makes for easy entertaining and are perfect for growing families!

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