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How to Hire the Right Architect

Few things are more exciting than building a new home or watching your old one change before your eyes. The person who will affect the outcome of your project the most is usually the architect. Their plans will dictate the ultimate appearance and function of the home, as well as the financial costs and emotional toll involved during construction.

Licensed architects, like Lisa Carlisle Architect have a degree from an accredited college and have completed a few thousand intern hours under a licensed professional. They also have completed a series of eight rigorous exams and are required to have numerous continued education hours each year.

The client-architect relationship is very personal, involving discussions of your habits, your hobbies, your tastes, and even your relationships. You want the choice to be right. Ultimately, you want to find the architect who’s right for your situation, for your budget and for you. You want to make sure it is a good fit!

1. Referrals

Ask family, friends and professional colleagues for referrals.

2. Bio

An architect’s website ( should be full of information on previous work and should give you a feel for what’s important in his or her design practice.

3. Ask a pro in a related field

General contractors, interior designers and other individuals in related trades can be great resources for finding the right architect. Having a contractor and an architect who work well together is one of the most important elements for a successful project.

4. Questions to ask

a. Can I see some examples of your work and your design esthetic?

b. How would you approach this project?

c. What are some of the largest obstacles on a project like this?

d. How do you charge, and what are your fees?

e. How long will this project take for design, building permits and construction?

f. Can you give me referrals for contractors you like?

5. Discuss your budget

Make sure what you’re proposing is possible. Construction costs can vary considerably.

Hiring the right architect will get you a beautifully designed project, recommendations of trustworthy and experienced pros, guide your investment, protect your interests during construction and save you time and money during the whole process.

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