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Where to Put the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink trends are everywhere and searching for the right one for your home can take up a lot of time. While style is important, location is significant when it comes to your kitchen sink, which is the heart of your home. The overall function of your kitchen relies on an effective layout that works for you and your family.

Here are our tips on how to figure out the best location for your kitchen sink and why placement matters.

Exterior Windows with a View

During new construction or a kitchen renovation, place your sink over a window. Make the chore of washing dishes seem less like a chore with views of the outside which can be beneficial to everyone. Adding in natural light from a window is important for such a significant work area. Unable to put a window? Try open shelving and lots of overhead lighting to keep the space open and bright.

Optimizing Views

If you have a large open kitchen with an island facing beautiful coastal or woodland views, place your sink in the island towards those pleasing views. Take advantage of everything being on full display from your kitchen sink.

Stay Engaged

Want to stay engaged with family or guests? Please your sink in an island. It not only gives you an efficient, open workspace, it allows for you to feel part of everything while prepping and cooking. Not liking the idea of an island? A cased opening might be the best option to give that open feel while providing a buffer between guests and a potentially messy kitchen sink area.

Creating the perfect kitchen starts with a beautiful, effective design that works for you and your family. Each design is tailored to your wants and needs as well as the space it fits within.

…Everything and the kitchen sink.


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