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What to Know About Building a Deck or Patio

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A deck or patio is an extension of the home and can be designed to feel like a room. It not only adds functionality to your home but can enhance the aesthetics.

Here are some reasons building a deck or patio can be a good solution for your home.

Increase Living Space

Adding a deck or patio creates new, usable space for a patio set, outdoor furniture and more. The extra space can add hundreds of square feet to your home and provide both covered and uncovered outdoor living. Think of it as creating outdoor rooms, i.e. outdoor living room, dining room, etc.

Constructing a multi-level deck or patio is a functional and beautiful way to still enjoy the outdoors if your yard space is limited.

Add Curb Appeal

Building a deck or patio can enhance the overall look of your home. Paint or stain your deck or choose a patio stone floor to compliment your homes exterior, or even add beautiful lighting and patio furniture for more comfort and charm.

Another possibility is to create a screened in deck. It’s the perfect option that has all the advantages of being outside without the insects.

Outdoor Entertaining

If you like to entertain, a deck or patio can offer you an outdoor space perfect for welcoming guests. Small or large, it’s a wonderful way to enhance living space and can create beautiful architectural appeal. When designed properly, they can flow seamlessly with your home to form that perfect, outdoor living space.


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