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What’s Trending in Residential Design?

As the years go by the trends in residential architecture can shift and change. This can depend on a lot of things both economically and demographically, so it is our job to be knowledgeable in order to provide our clients with the best home design possible.

Here are some key trends we are seeing!

Dedicated Home Office Space

Change in work patterns and technology advancements have made it easier for employees to work from home. Even with homes decreasing in square footage we are still seeing the need for a dedicated office space or area within the home.

Healthy Home Environment

Choosing eco-friendly materials is becoming a main focus in residential design. Homeowners want to know and have a say in what building materials are being used to construct their home. Producing less waste during construction as well as choosing energy efficient appliances and using solar have also been big choices for homeowners when designing their home.

Outdoor Living

Summer in Southern New England is the best time of year and homeowners want to take advantage of that. We are seeing a lot people move away from formal dining and living rooms and replacing them with open-space layouts and great rooms opening to the outdoors. Decks and patios are still a big focus, however the trend is shifting to large outdoor kitchens, 3-season and 4-season fully furnished outdoor rooms. Having more places to entertain and dine is becoming a standard request in home design.

Aging in Place

Accessibility is a big component for homeowners who would like to age in place. Creating spaces that are handicap accessible, adding interior elevators to second and third floors as well as keeping the master bedroom on the first floor are some of the ways that can ensure the ability to stay in the home for years to come.

Kitchen Command Center

Kitchens have evolved into the family center of the home. Designs are encouraging open kitchen and living spaces to keep connection with the family and entertaining easy and relaxed. We don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon!


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