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The Vanishing Railing

Railings are an important architectural element when designing a home. They provide safety as well as add beautiful aesthetics to the exterior of the home; but how do we maximize the view without blocking it?

Let’s talk about the options when it comes to exterior railings for your home.


Cable wire railing systems are a beautiful choice and are quite popular in coastal communities. The handrails tend to be wood or composite and have horizontal or vertical guardrail cables made of thin, fabricated stainless steel. From afar the siding lines tend to disappear giving a virtually unobstructed view of the outside.


Want to have sweeping, unobstructed views? Glass might be your best option particularly in coastal communities since it can double as a windscreen. It’s an expensive choice (not to mention heavy) and requires a commitment to regular cleaning, however it allows for a seamless visual between the homeowner and the outdoors.


Using a hybrid of solid and open elements can give you the views you want as well as the privacy you require. In this example a solid wall at a fixed height transitions into cable wire so privacy is given, but the views aren’t hindered. It gives the sense of enclosure, provides relief from wind elements as well as adds beautiful architectural details the exterior of the home. Some other hybrid options that work well are solid wall/glass or even glass and cable wire.

Choosing the right finishes for your home can feel overwhelming which is why we are here to help! From schematic design until the end of construction we are with you every step of the way.


Let’s create your new home today!

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