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Residential Construction is Still Booming!

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, new construction and home renovations have increased significantly over the last year and a half with no signs of slowing down.

Plan Ahead

Our firm is 6-8 months out for starting any new project with multiple new client calls coming in each week. We are seeing similar lead times for surveyors, engineers, and contractors, so if you’re on a tight timeline then we suggest you start planning now.

Materials & Lead Times

Despite increased lead times for products and materials we are seeing residential construction continue to boom here in Rhode Island. Lumber sales have recently decreased, however prices are still higher than pre-pandemic levels. The cost decrease has reassured some homeowners as they decide to move forward with their home projects, however the higher-than-normal prices are among a wide range of supply chain complications we have seen.

Architects are Essential

Hiring an architect is more important than ever. Our extensive knowledge can help you navigate these unique times as well as save you time and money before and during construction. Creating a home that fits within your budget, site and timeline is important as we continue through a residential construction boom.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with us.

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