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Master Planning with Phased Construction

In phased construction, you purposefully plan for different components of a renovation project. This allows for smaller projects with smaller budgets to be constructed, while a master plan for future additions or renovations are designed and planned for.

There are many advantages to phasing a construction project:

  • If a strict budget is in place, a phased construction plan might be the best option. Spreading the cost of construction over a longer period of time can allow for larger projects to be completed in affordable stages.

  • Shorter construction time since the scope of work is smaller during each phase.

  • Allows for design changes. Living in your home can be beneficial during and after construction. You can make informed decisions on the future plans to reinforce the design or decide to alter the scope if necessary.

Phasing a project with master planning can require complex coordination which is why hiring an architect is important. We work closely with contractors and engineers to make sure the finished result is exactly what was envisioned from the beginning.


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