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Key Approaches to Creating a Functioning Home

A well-designed home should make you feel comfortable in every room. Adding personal touches and style is an added bonus to achieve this.

Here are some keys ways to create a functioning home that can stand the test of time.


The way a home looks is important, but the way a home functions is even more important. How you live and move in a home will determine how each space is designed. Open concept or dedicated rooms? Larger kitchen or larger gathering spaces? Determining the layout of your home is critical so we can ensure each space is tailored to your specific wants and needs. Our 3D program is a great tool that allows you to walk through your home before it is built so you are able to get a sense of the space and make necessary changes prior to construction.

Unique Spaces

Challenging or unique areas of the home can often be left bare and can sometimes attract clutter which is why we make sure every inch of your home is used. There are many clever ways to utilize unique areas such as creating cozy reading nooks, window seats or even built-in storage.

Build in Flexibility

When designing your home it’s easy to focus on how you live right now, especially if you have a young family. Our job is to make sure your home is designed for all stages in life. Your needs change over time, so building in flexibility (ie., master bedroom on the first floor or a converted playroom to guestroom option) is important. Planning ahead allows you to age in place without having to renovate or move.

Style & Personality

A home should be functional and comfortable, that’s why your personality and style should be reflected within your home. Choose finishes and design elements that make you feel wholesome and happy. It should look and feel as unique as you are.


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