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It's Always Better in 3D!

One of our favorite things we offer our clients is the opportunity to see their new home in 3D. There are a lot of benefits to our 3D program that go beyond it being visually fun!

Walk Through Your Home

Reading architectural plans can be difficult for some; which is why our 3D program allows our clients to easily walk through the entire home. Stand in your new kitchen, walk through your master bedroom and bathroom or stand out on your new deck. We want to be sure your home feels right before construction even begins.

Before and After - Additions

Putting an addition on a home is an exciting process! We want the new portion of the home to blend seamlessly with the old part of the home. Our 3D program takes your vision and puts it into reality when you’re able to see the before and after photos.

Choose Exterior Colors and Materials

Your home should be a reflection of your style. Choosing the exterior colors and materials (i.e., siding, stone, windows & doors) for your home should be fun and easy. Our 3D program lets you see different combinations of colors and materials right way so you can be sure when your house is built it is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

Minimize Construction Issues Ahead of Time

Designing in 3D allows us to foresee any issues that can arise during construction. Ensuring the design works can reduce any unknowns during construction. This minimizes any surprise costs, which gives ours clients peace of mind.

Get Pricing

When we finish the schematic design of your home we are able to get preliminary pricing from contractors. The 3D element allows for a more accurate construction cost, which can help budget conscience homeowners.


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