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How to Create Your Dream Home When Cost is a Concern

Designing your dream home is a lot of fun, but being realistic on cost is something that should be discussed right from the beginning.

As the architect we have your best interests in mind, we want to stay within your budget and we also want to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your new home. So how does this balance work?

Be Upfront with Your Budget

Knowing the budget can help us direct clients toward an appropriate project scope. Budget can dictate size, finishes, materials, windows, etc. We have an extensive library of options in order to help our clients achieve the look they want for their home. Knowing the budget from the very beginning gives us the tools we need to be sure what we’re designing can realistically be built.

Bid Schematic Design Plans to Contractors

Once the initial design is complete we suggest sending the preliminary plans out to bid in order to get an estimate on cost. Once the those numbers come back to us it will either allow us to move forward with the current design or we make changes in order to stay within the projected budget.

Discuss Cost Throughout The Entire Process

Designing a new home is an ever-changing process. Discussing cost throughout the entire scope of the project is important so there aren’t any surprises later on. As the drawings evolve so will the cost. Reminding clients that the changes they make could affect the bottom line is important and the honesty that comes along with this can be helpful in the long term.


Are you ready to design your new home?

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