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How the Pandemic Shifted the Way We Design Homes

People have been confined to their homes due to the pandemic which has forced us to reconsider the way we live and build our homes.

Our homes are playing greater roles in our daily lives, they have adapted to become a place where we live, work, entertain, teach, exercise and more.

Let’s talk about how our homes and the way we design them can accommodate the demands of this new, unforeseen era.

Dedicated Home Office

Many dining room tables have been converted into make-shift home offices during this pandemic. This isn’t ideal and doesn’t quite provide the amenities for a productive workspace. Working from home may now become the norm and the need for a dedicated office is an essential part of home design moving forward.

Flexible Layouts & Spaces

Homes need to be able to adjust to a much wider array of comforts, and designated spaces for specific activities such as work, teaching, or exercise are being desired. Flexible layouts like a home gym that doubles as a rec room are on wish lists, as well as constructing additions to accommodate the need for more living space overall.

Outdoor Living Space

During the pandemic our appreciation for the outdoors increased. As a result, the demand for dedicated outdoor living areas seemed to be a top request. Integrating the outdoors into even the most compact of homes is important. Using balconies, decks and porches as well as sliding glass doors to connect the natural world with the home not only looks beautiful but has become an essential component of the home.


Are you in need of more space or even a reconfiguration of your existing home? We can help.

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