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How the Island is Shaping the Modern Day Kitchen

Kitchen Islands have become increasingly popular over the last decade - they add style to the overall design of your kitchen as well as a social meeting place for your home.

Let’s discuss why the kitchen island is so popular and how incorporating it into your home could benefit you and your entire family.


A kitchen island provides added storage and counter space as well as allowing a place for a stove, sink or even a beverage fridge. The island also provides a larger working area for cooking or washing dishes without losing the social aspect of being with family. Added seating also give a casual place for visitors or family to sit and talk.

Social Element

The boundary between the kitchen and living room is slowly being taken down to bring families together. The kitchen island enables the union of families during busy, sometimes chaotic schedules. It gives a space between rooms to gather, talk, eat and relax.


Kitchen islands are becoming the showcase of the kitchen. They are often a different color or material than the rest of the kitchen, almost acting as its own piece of furniture. It’s becoming a beautiful gathering space for families and friends.

The kitchen island is here to stay. It will be a social gathering point for years to come changing in aesthetics and function but nonetheless solidifying itself as its own beautiful focal point within the home.


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