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Home Organization Part 2: Kitchens

As part two of our three-part home organization series, we want to focus on one of the most important rooms in your home - the kitchen.

Today’s kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. It’s part of an extended living area and is a multi-purpose space. Here are a couple ways to keep your kitchen organized, efficient and beautiful for years to come.

Functional Layout

A kitchen is more than a place to cook - it’s a space to gather and more. The layout of your kitchen should function effortlessly whether you’re cooking, entertaining or spending time with family. Consider how your space needs to function. Need a sitting area off the kitchen that comes in handy when guests are over, or a built-in workstation for organizing your mail and to-do lists? If space allows, a kitchen island is a great option to add smaller appliances such as a microwave or beverage fridge, it’s also perfect for accommodating extra seating for guests and prep space when cooking.

Make the Most of Your Storage

A pull-out pantry, deep storage drawers for dishes or pull-out shelves can be the perfect way to organize your kitchen. Create easy, efficient access for the things you need and love the most while keeping it hidden away from view. An appliance lift located in a cabinet (for a mixer, etc.) is a great way to keep your counter clutter free. Not able to utilize these storage tips with your existing kitchen? Not to worry. Shelf inserts can help keep pans organized, as well as tiered organizers which will help keep things visible and neat.

Your kitchen is one of the most loved and used rooms in your home. Organize it so it not only looks beautiful, but functions successfully for years to come.


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