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Home Organization Part 1: Mudrooms

Let’s get your home organized!

As part 1 of a 3 part blog series that will last throughout this year, we wanted to start off with one of the most popular home organization requests: a mudroom.

Large or small a mudroom can work wonders for a busy home. Ensuring effective use of space, maximizing organization, as well as playing with color, you can create a beautiful and functional control center for the home.

Here are three benefits to having a dedicated mudroom or space in your home.


Rhode Island is known for it’s beaches, but dragging sand into your home is less than ideal. A mudroom is the perfect place to drop those sandy shoes and towels before entering the rest of the home. Consider the mudroom a transition or buffer area from the outside to the inside. Add storage cubbies for shoes or beach gear, hooks for towels and beach bags. As the seasons change the mudroom wardrobe can revolve accordingly


Storage is key when designing or renovating your home. Whether you have an entire room to devote to a mudroom, or simply a short entry or hallway, we can work with you to maximize the space to make it work. A mudroom expands your current storage area, providing extra space to keep your things if closets are lacking within the home. It is a convenient one too - located right off the entry or garage so you can access it quickly and easily.

One Stop Shop

Organization, storage and laundry all wrapped into one space. Adding a washer and dryer as well as a utility sink is a great option when creating your mudroom. Create an efficient, one stop shop for all your home organization needs. Add artwork or paint the walls your favorite color to make it a place that is celebrated within the home rather than hidden.


Ready to get organized? We’d love to help!

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