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Don't Be Scared of Your Laundry!

Doing laundry is one of those chores that we have to face each week. Just because it’s a chore doesn’t mean the room itself has to be a scary place!

It’s actually one of our most requested rooms, and here’s why:

Multi-functional Space

We are all for efficient use of space. Adding extra space into your laundry area is not only practical but can be attractive too. Doing laundry while watching your favorite TV show, or even adding a desk so you can check your emails while the washer spins is resourceful and fun! We also love the idea of incorporating the laundry into a mudroom or even adding a pet area for your furry family members. The options are endless!

Dedicated Room

Get the laundry out of the dark, scary basement and bring it up into the main areas of the home. This utilitarian space can be an inviting and bright room that reflects the rest of the homes style and flare. Installing cabinetry increases storage options, and adding a sink makes the room more functional as a whole.

Design & Convenience

Laundry rooms that are located near main-floor mudrooms or high trafficked kitchens offer greater convenience. Designing the space with beautiful countertops, unique lighting fixtures and chic cabinetry creates a space within the home that begs to be seen instead of hidden.


Ready to do some chores? We are too!

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