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Why a Home Designed by an Architect Stands Out

Thinking about building a new home? A home designed by an architect stands out in more ways than one.

It’s All in the Details

There are subtle details that can give life to your home and truly make it unique to you and your family. Here are a few of our favorites:

Exterior Flare

An exterior flare is a charming detail that functions both practically and aesthetically by smoothing the transition between surfaces. It’s a delicate feature that truly gives a custom look to your home.

Unique Windows

Choosing the right windows to compliment your homes style and design is very important. Adding a unique eyebrow window or porthole window can elevate the look of your home when placed in the correct location.

Mixing Exterior Materials

Mixing materials can enrich the look of your homes exterior. Choosing the right color, style and material is something that should be carefully decided. It should work with the homes design as well as the location of the home (i.e. Coastal vs. inland).

We design custom details that reflect your style as well as enhance your homes curb appeal. It’s the unique details that make your home special.


Ready to design a new home? Our 3D program brings your home to life right before your eyes!

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