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Windows That Reflect Your Style

The windows you choose help define the style of your home whether it is traditional or modern. There are many different types of windows to choose from and they can be customized to fit your needs and home aesthetics.

Here is a breakdown of window styles to help you decide which might be best for your style and home.

Double Hung Window Sitting Room

Double Hung

This window has two sashes that slide up and down inside the frame. It doesn’t protrude to the interior or exterior of the home. This is a very popular option for homeowners with some really beautiful styles to choose from.

Casement Kitchen Window


These windows have a more modern, simplistic style. They are hinged to open outward and operate by the turn of a crank operating mechanism. They can be opened on the left or right depending on your personal preference.

Prairie Style Awning Window


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They can be installed alongside stationary or operating windows or even above or below them.

Speciality Porthole Window

Fixed Frame & Specialty

These are beautiful windows that do not open. They can be added to maximize natural light or to enjoy those coastal water views. These windows can also be customized to fit nearly any angle or shape you desire.

Transom French Doors


A transom is a stationary window that can be mounted above a door or window in order to let in more natural light. It also adds beautiful architectural detail to your home.

Bay Window With Interior Seating

Bay or Bow Window

Bay or bow windows give you more interior space and protrude out from the exterior of the home. They are typically a combination of a fixed window (center) and double hung or casements along each side. Seating can even be constructed with added storage on the interior – there are many, fun possibilities.

Window choice can affect the look of your home both on the exterior and interior. When designing your new home we can aid in the selection of the right windows to make your home beautiful!


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