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A Look Inside the Design Process with Lisa Carlisle Architect

Building a new home or renovating your existing home may seem like an overwhelming endeavor. At Lisa Carlisle Architect we want our clients to enjoy the design process and be involved as much as possible.

So, how does the design process work?

1. Meet to discuss your hopes and dreams for your new home At the first initial consultation with us, at no cost, we discuss everything our clients are hoping for when it comes to designing their new home or renovating their existing one. We will visit the site together to get a better idea of the possibilities.

2. Collaborate with us on the design of your home by setting up an “Ideabook”

on Houzz

Houzz is a fantastic tool for our clients to collaborate with us on their design. By saving different images of design features and styles you like, it can help us create a home truly unique for you. It also makes it fun for our clients!

3. Walk through your home in 3D, view floor plans and discuss any changes you’d like

Once the initial design of your home is complete we sit down with our client and have them walk through every space in 3D. It’s extremely important to us that you love the design, so making changes or addressing concerns is welcomed in order to create the home of your dreams.

4. After the design is finalized

Once the schematic design is finalized we create construction documents, which are very detailed. These documents will then be used by a contractor to build your new home!

The entire design process with us should be exciting and fun. What you love is celebrated, which is why we encourage our clients to collaborate with us from the very beginning.


Questions about designing your new home? We’d love to hear from you!

(401) 560-0850

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