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Architectural Fees and What You Need to Know

Hiring an architect might sound like an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many different ways architects charge for their professional services: hourly, percentage of construction or a fixed fee.

• Hourly: Charging a flat rate per hour for work that is performed.

• % of Construction: Fees based on a percentage of construction cost. If the architecture firm charges 10% of the cost of construction, a $450,000 home would be $45,000 in architectural fees.

• Fixed Fee: Charging a flat fee when the scope of a project is clearly defined. The fees are commonly inflated to compensate for changes and any additional work.

Here at Lisa Carlisle Architect, we charge out at an hourly rate. This is to ensure you are only paying for the work that is performed. It is generally the most cost effective method.

In our proposal we give you an estimated range of hours for our work so that you have an idea as to how much the architectural fees may be.

The scope of your project as well as the architectural fees are determined before any work is started. We understand that staying in budget is important which is why we talk about everything at the first meeting.

Your new home dreams don’t have to be dreams anymore.


Contact us today! Let’s talk about your new project.

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