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The Disappearing Dining Room

Large kitchen island with seating

When you think of the dining room you probably think of a setting where all holidays and family occasions take place. It has gone from a formal room, to an area off the living room and now to the newest concept: completely gone.

A large, formal dining room is becoming increasingly less common. We are seeing more and more clients wanting open floor plans with a dining area that's relaxed, enjoyable and most importantly: usable.

So how do you update your existing home? We have some tips!

  1. If you plan on renovating to “ditch the dining room”, you want to be sure it’s done safely. Removing walls, or anything dealing with the structure of your home requires the work of a professional. We are here to help!

  2. Have your construction plans ready and your budget set so you can receive pricing prior to doing any major renovations. This will save you time and money.

  3. No budget to renovate? Repurpose the dining room! Move out tables and chairs to make it a playroom or craft room. Put away china and add bookshelves and a desk to make it your new office space and lastly, get rid of that formal chandelier! Subtle décor changes will transform the area.

If you decide to build a new home, we can create a timeless dining space that is open, functional and catered to your family’s lifestyle.

Despite the fact that there is no longer a need for a traditional dining room, nothing seems to be lost. Families will still gather, but now in a more casual, relaxed environment in the center of the home.


Planning on renovating your home? Not sure where to start? Contact us!

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