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Building a Sustainable Home

Designing and building a sustainable home takes a lot of planning and communication. As the architect, we are the facilitator of the project. Bringing everyone together (the owner, contractor and trade contractors) is imperative for a successful outcome. We want to make sure the process runs smoothly, efficiently and the home is built correctly.

These are some key practices when designing a sustainable home that won’t drain your budget:

  1. Correctly site the home to take advantage of southern exposure for solar gains as well as passive warming of the home.

  2. Benefit from prevailing breezes and cross-ventilation to reduce the use of mechanical cooling systems.

  3. Reuse and recycle building materials whenever possible.

  4. Choose the most energy efficient windows your budget will allow. Windows are your biggest defense against energy loss. Make sure they are flashed, sealed and installed properly.

  5. Maximize the insulation in your home – get the best R-Value for your budget.

  6. Many HVAC systems are larger than they need to be – appropriately size the equipment for your home.

  7. Avoid and/or limit ductwork in unconditioned spaces (i.e. Attic, basement) as much as possible.

  8. Seal all openings and ductwork through the home.

  9. Think ahead! Pre-wire the home for solar or add ductwork for future expansion. Having your home ready for alternative technologies with save you time and money in the future.

Building a sustainable home is an exciting and unique experience! Let us help make your new home dreams come true.


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