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The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Originally the kitchen was designed for the sole purpose of preparing and cooking meals. Hidden away from the rest of the home so guests could avoid unsightly messes.

However, over the last few decades the kitchen has morphed into the epicenter of the home. A social gathering place filled with family and friends, a place to do crafts and homework with the kids, and of course its original purpose - a place to cook & eat.

Here are 3 reasons why the kitchen is the beating heart of your home.

1. A Room for Everyone

Open concept designs integrate the kitchen with other living spaces to create a functional, comfortable area for everyone. Cook and help your kids with homework, entertain friends and family during game day. The kitchen usually located within the center of the home can be an all-encompassing space for everyone depending on their needs; which is something no other room in the house can provide.

2. Make a Statement

Your kitchen is one of the most visual and useful spaces in your home. Layout, design, as well as personal home finishes create an inspiring space that can set the tone for your entire home. Your kitchen has the ability to not only provide meals to your family but to provide an experience that should be comforting as well as stylish.

3. Spending More Time at Home

Our lifestyles change almost daily, but more recently people prefer to spend more time at home. Prior to Covid-19 going out to eat has been replaced with throwing intimate dinner parties. Kitchens are no longer designed for one or two people to cook a meal in - it’s shifted into a socialized space that can accommodate multiple people effortlessly.

The kitchen has become the heart of the home in every sense, especially over the past decade. It’s a room that is now celebrated, bringing together family and friends for years to come.


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